Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Tacye Hong July 9, 2015 0

9565548Historical fantasy is now one of my favorite genres after reading some really amazing ones during these recent months. The settings of these books under this genre are usually very captivating due to the custom, dresses and style necessary for historical fictions. And when paired with kickass characters and captivating magical elements, these historical novels just become something even greater.

Grave Mercy follows a girl named Ismae, who is a handmaiden of Death. She became a trained assassin with other girls under the guidance of a team of nuns. As she got assigned a special task, one that got her put in the court, Ismae became to question the orders of the nuns and the morals of being an assassin when the targets became more and more innocent-looking.

The setting of Grave Mercy is absolutely wonderful as I adore that particular era that the book is set in. Historical fictions have always captivated me due to the setting but regular historical fictions might be slightly boring if there are no actions or any fantasy elements. With Grave Mercy, readers certainly do not have to worry about being bored as the fantasy due to Death certainly spices up everything.

While the fantasy in Grave Mercy does not have anything to do with vampire or werewolves or any common magical creatures, Robin LaFevers brings fantasy to a whole different meaning when she brings death to the game. This book is not high fantasy by all means but with soul, spirit and the essence of life, everything seems much cooler than vampires and werewolves.

Regarding the plot of Grave Mercy, it is in general very well developed. All the parts connect with each other nicely and the ending also wraps up nicely without any rushed parts. Moreover, the whole story is paced equally so that the reader can easily keep pace with the setting, the background, the characters and the magical elements without missing anything.

However, for those who are perhaps chasing for a book with certain high points and low points, this may be slightly underwhelming because of everything so equally spaced. This style suits me personally as I would very much rather a book with everything explained nicely than a book with perhaps an ending being rushedrushedrushed.

Overall, Grave Mercy is definitely an incredible read as a historical fantasy. Read Grave Mercy if you want to be transported to a world with exquisite fashion and balls. Read Grave Mercy if you want to experience treachery, romance and action all at the same time. Read Grave Mercy if you want to fall in love with historical fantasy just like I did.

Grave Mercy is just the first book in this trilogy by Robin LaFevers and I will certainly be reading the next two books, Dark Triumph and Mortal Heart, sometimes soon. With Grave Mercy wrapped up so nicely at the end, I cannot help but wonder what would happen in the next two books.

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Thomas Allen & Son in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.

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