Book Review: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Brooke Dorn February 1, 2013 0
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Wuthering Heights by Emily BronteWuthering Heights tells the captivating tale of Catherine and Heathcliff, who are brought together as children only to be torn apart as adults.  Catherine’s father finds Heathcliff as a child, wondering the streets like a gypsy. Out of the kindness of his heart he takes the boy into his home and welcomes him as a son. His own son is resentful of his father for welcoming a beggar into their home, and treats Heathcliff horridly. Catherine finds a kinship with the young boy, and soon they become the best of friends. As time passes Catherine and Heathcliff’s friendship develops into a passionate romance, but it all comes to a faltering end when Catherine’s father passes away. Her brother lays claim to their home and demands that Catherine starts acting more like a young lady and less like a gypsy. His command becomes more fierce when Catherine meets their neighbour who lives across the moors. Heathcliff becomes enraged and jealous of Catherine’s friendship with the man and leaves Wuthering Heights. He is determined to go into the world and make a fortune, so that Catherine and he will be better suited for marriage.

Dark and Brooding

This book is dark from the beginning. Heathcliff’s temperament is always on the foul side and it bleeds into the pages of the book. Then you are thrown into a constant struggle for unrequited love and the book takes an achingly sad turn. As you unlock the secrets between Catherine and Heathcliff through the eyes of Catherine’s daughter you can’t help but feel the sorrow that must have radiated through them for the entirety of their adult lives. Their love is said to even stand through death, and it is evident through Heathcliff’s tortured mind that he is lost without Catherine.

My Thoughts

This book was really confusing the first time I read it, so I read it again. The second time through I picked up on the deep sadness that is infused in this book. It is really one of the most compelling pieces of literature that I have ever read, and I love the dark and brooding air that fills it’s pages. For some reason I find solace in dark and brooding tales and this book is by far one of the best in that category. I could never have imagined falling so deeply into a character’s life as I did with Heathcliff and Catherine. This book stands the test of time and will always be high up on my list of favourites. As always comments and questions are welcome!

About the Author

Wuthering Heights is the only novel that Emily Bronte ever wrote. She died just shortly after it’s publication, at the age of thirty. A tragic end to a wonderful author. The novel was first published in London in 1847. Her sisters also have some very famous novels of their own under their belts, but her sister Charlotte did the major editing for this novel after Emily passed away.

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