Book Review: The Missing Trumpet by Anita Yasuda

Todd Holland July 20, 2014 0

The Missing Trumpet by Anita YasudaMy son has recently been on a dinosaur kick so I was not surprised when we read this book. The Missing Trumper by Anita Yasuda is a short story (292 words) about four dinosaurs who are collectively called The Dino Detectives. In this book, Cory the Cirythosaurus is playing in the big concert on Friday at school and has been practising all week. His instrument is the trumpet and he is ready. However on the big day, his trumpet goes missing and the Dino Detectives set out on a mystery adventure to find it. The four friends do some great detective work until they reach the resolution of the case and an unassuming culprit!

The Missing Trumpet is a great short book that is designed for children aged 3-7, and is written very well for that age group. The words are large and nothing too difficult to read. Included in this book are story words which are the hardest in the book and can be used as a great learning tool to teach children that are reading the book or being read to. Also the names of the dinosaurs are followed by the type of dinosaurs they are, which in itself is a valuable learning tool.

The illustrations in this book are large, bright and have great backgrounds to make the book come alive. The pictures are very well done and are they easy to follow along for anyone reading the story. They can also be used to describe what is going on to younger children who are not yet ready to read themselves. The color palette used in this book is fantastic. It is eye-catching and very bright and will grab the attention of anyone. Each dinosaur has their own identity and style and it shows in what they wear as well as the way they interact and speak with one another.

The Characters, while they do not have depth, are introduced in the beginning of the story so the reader and children will know what each dinosaur is. This is good because is shows the basic staple of characters in the book and can teach young children learning to read the importance of knowing about characters and the roles they play in a book. The characters are:

  • Dot the Diplodocus
  • Sara the Triceratops
  • Cory the Corythosaurus
  • Ty the T. Rex

However the best thing I found about this book is the introduction in the front of the book before the story. It is a letter written by Gail Saunders-Smith a PH. D. The letter talks about many ways to use this book to support your new reader. Gail talks about addressing ideas in the story, using the illustrations to discuss the story and three other great ideas for parents and caregivers to explore.

Overall this book is best for preschool to kindergarten children and should be used best as a tool to teach reading. It is also a book Kindergarteners could branch out on their own to read. At 32 pages, it is a short read but very engaging. This book should be found in any preschool or school library.

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