Book Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

T.B. Melanie November 26, 2013 0
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The Maze Runner by James DashnerSixteen year old Thomas has awoken to find himself trapped in a metal box elevator. As the doors finally open and he emerges, he finds himself trapped without any memory of who he is or where he came from. He is now in the Glade with fifty-odd teen boys in the center of an enormous maze. Life is fairly easy for the boys, they have the food and supplies they need, but they are trapped, doomed to spend all of their time trying to find their way out of the maze before the grizzly grievers get a hold of them.

Every thirty days a new boy appears in the Glade, just as Thomas did, but now things are changing. The day after Thomas arrives, the very first girl is delivered and she brings a message that everything will be changing soon. The boys know that their survival is now built on finding an exit in the unsolvable maze that they are trapped in.

The Maze Runner is James Dashner’s first book in the award winning trilogy.  It is also being made into an upcoming film due out in September of 2014.

Not Your Normal Lord of The Flies

In this post-apocalyptic tale, Thomas  has no memory of the world outside of his new home in the Glade. The boys there have set up a surprisingly effective system where they each have jobs to run their little society. Unlike other groups of children who have been trapped together for survival and end up bloodily killing one another, the Gladers for the most part get along. Survival has made them band together instead of fighting one another.  They of course argue and disagree, but it is almost always over the best way to survive as a whole group.

This is a unique look at one group trying to solve their post-apocalyptic problems. The boys have been trapped in the Glade by mysterious “Creators” and have no idea why or for what purpose. Thomas knows that he hold the key to more knowledge, but with no memory he knows that he is of little help. This was another interesting addition to a post-apocalyptic story.

Even with typical death rates in this type of story, Dashner has created characters that are unique and likable yet still somehow strong and humble. My favorite so far has been Newt, because he is the reluctant leader thrown into his job when others fall. Thomas himself shows plenty of leadership and ingenuity as well.

You Might Like This Book If:

1… you are looking for a new series, especially in the young adult or post apocalyptic genre. The Maze Runner and it’s follow ups have been hailed in several top seller lists, and noted enough to be made into a motion picture. The Maze Runner at least lives up to this publicity.

2… you enjoy suspense. The grievers in this story are particularly terrifying and unbeatable lending a serious tension to the boys’ attempts at survival. It’s only through intelligence, speed and luck that the boys have survived this long and they leave readers on the edge of their seats while our characters run for their lives.

In conclusion, this is worth the read and is a truly promising start to a trilogy. Next up, we can all go to the movies next fall and see if Hollywood has yet again butchered the novel or, hopefully,  done our favorite stories proud.

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