Book Review: Secret Sister by Emelle Gamble

T.B. Melanie September 22, 2013 2
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Secret Sister by Emelle GambleSecret Sister by Emelle Gamble is a paranormal romance following the lives of two friends and one husband after a chance encounter changes their lives forever.

Cathy and Nick are the perfect couple. They have their problems, but their devotion to one another knows no bounds. They are perfectly in love and completely committed through anything life can throw at them. Cathy and Roxanne are best friends, helping one another through struggles and life’s woes. They’ve known each other for years and even though they have very different personalities, they’re still as close as sisters. Then a car crash changes all of that. Roxanne and Cathy are hit by a drunk driver and soon anger and grief are all too familiar to their friends and family. With a twist of paranormal, Secret Sister is a heart wrenching tale of friends and soul mates.

1 Husband, 1 Wife, 1 Best Friend

Secret Sister is truly a solid four star read. The plot was surprising and engaging, with several twists that were odd in a good sort of way. The survivor of the car wreck proves herself to be stubborn but kind, insisting that things might not be what everyone seems to think that they are. That perhaps the paranormal has intervened in their lives and fates have been changed in the process. She works hard to convince Nick of this and it is their relationship that makes up the juicy meat of this book.

The characters in Secret Sister were realistic and lovable, even if you wanted to smack them from time to time. I was especially fond of Nick’s sister Zoe. Finally a teenager in an adult book that not only avoided acting completely self-absorbed and obnoxious but actually had a part to play in the story.

Even the climax in Secret Sister was intense and exhilarating; an almost happily ever after. After pulling for so long for the characters that you come to know and love, it’s relieving that the characters finally found what they were looking for. Yet, you know that they will be forever tinged with grief for a lost loved one.  My only wish was that the ending might have been longer. It would have been very nice to hear more of the resolution and the characters lives afterwards.

Please note that because of the romance and marriage themes in Secret Sister there were several adult themed sections, with explicitly detailed sex. Thought I wouldn’t call this book erotica, it certainly needs to be read by mature readers.

You Might Like This Book If:

1. You like paranormal romance. Secret Sister is all about the girls’ relationships and how that car crash changed everything. At the same time, there is a healthy dose of slightly unbelievable paranormal that certainly makes it an uncommon romance to read.

2. You are looking for a good cry. I think I found myself bawling every third chapter or so. Nick’s pain after the crash was written especially well and you know exactly what it would be like to lose someone so close. This isn’t a life changing read, but it’s certainly not a light romance either.

3. You love impossible situations and conflict that really doesn’t have any easy answer. Secret Sister follows the impossible into the realm of reality and leaves you feeling that if this book could have a happy ending, maybe anything could.

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  1. Emelle Gamble September 23, 2013 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    Hey T.B. Melanie! Thank you so very much for the lovely and generous review of my book, Secret Sister! I feel like you really got what I was going for, and I so enjoyed your thoughtful comments. And I love that you love Zoe…me too! So much I thought of doing another book about her! Anyway, you made my day. So thank you again for your lovely post.

    • T.B. Melanie September 27, 2013 at 4:54 pm - Reply

      I’m glad my review was encouraging to you!

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