Book Review: Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Tacye Hong February 25, 2015 1

Never FadeWith The Darkest Minds leaving off in such an emotional style, readers can only expect things to continue in this manner in the sequel. Never Fade is the second book in the The Darkest Minds trilogy and it certainly does not disappoint. Alexandra Bracken continues to amaze readers with her amazing world-building power, wonderful character developments and lovely writing style.

Never Fade follows Ruby as she trains vigorously for deadly underground missions until she discovers secrets that not only may change her personal life, but also may as well affect the lives of children. As more and more children are thrown to Ruby’s path, matters get more and more complicated. With more than just Ruby’s life at stake here, it is imaginable how gripping this book is going to be.

The beginning of this book is totally different from the ending of the first one in terms of the setting, time frame and the level of tension. However Alexandra Bracken has skillfully created a smooth transition such that it is as if readers are still reading the same book. The plot picks up in a great momentum right off the bat and even though readers are not given the details of the current situation yet, it is impossible not to be intrigued. The use of twists and turns in the opening scenes also keep readers hooked and pulled in immediately.

It is also apparent that the suspense that has been carefully built through the layers of mysteries in The Darkest Minds certainly pays off. Alexandra Bracken has left a lot of space for exploring the origin of the plague that causes lives from the last book and she has carefully spanned it out here. Instead of revealing everything at once, it not only helps sustain the suspense, but also avoids making the background too overwhelming. She has found just the perfect balance to create a reasonable level of tension and it is certainly another reason why Never Fade is a work of art.

The incredible character developments in Never Fade certainly help give a perfect touch to this whole package. Even though Ruby is introduced to many new characters in a quick succession, Alexandra Bracken manages to develop the characters nicely so that while readers are given the chance to know the background of the characters, the introductions would not be too much with the already-rich plot.

Furthermore, the many action scenes in this book are executed in terrifically. The author’s writing style really suits the plot as it is not too informal to the extent that it would undermine the incidents, nor is too poetic to the extent that it seems forced.

Never Fade is definitely a charming sequel to The Darkest Minds and actually even better in the way that it starts off with a great pace. It also leaves many things to further explore in the finale In the Afterlight, which we will review soon!

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Big Honcho Media in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.





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  1. Alyssa T. February 25, 2015 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    I love this trilogy so so so much!

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