Book Review: Just How It Happened by Austin Mahone

Tacye Hong April 1, 2015 0

Austin MahoneAustin Mahone, being a singer who gained fame through his YouTube channel, certainly has one of the most interesting stories to tell people. His journey is very inspiring as he had, and still has, to prove himself to people who don’t believe in this new route to fame via YouTube. All his struggles, including financial hardships and emotional and physical challenges, are all presented here in Just How it Happened very blatantly.

Regarding the structure of the book, it is pretty well organized. Instead of jumping from topic to topic like many of the biographies, for example jumping from the celebrity’s pet to his/her audition to a TV show, Just How It Happened has connected the dots of Mahone’s life. As a result, the story flows naturally and makes it very focused. In fact, this book is narrated in chronological order, only sometimes incorporating some highly-correlated anecdote from another timeline. This all makes the whole biography very easy to follow, and thus fulfills its purpose of introducing Mahone to more people around the globe.

The photos that Austin Mahone and his team have incorporated into the book are of a wonderful variety. From photos taken in the backstage and onstage to family photos when Mahone was a child, these photos are very diverse. They do not focus solely on one aspect of Mahone’s life and I personally really appreciate the all-roundedness. This makes the book more captivating than ever.

However, I have a slight issue with the photos and it is that they lack the introductions of the people in the photos. Readers of this book would no doubt be able to recognize Mahone in these photos but not many people are familiar with people surrounding him, such as his friend Alex Constancio. Since this book aims to provide an opportunity for Mahone’s fans to know more about him, it is only reasonable for him to introduce the people properly.

For those who are already fans, there are of course details and photos that they have never seen before. Moreover, the story that Mahone tells in the story is really enjoyable and thus will not bore anyone who has already known much of his life story. For those who are pretty new to this rising star, it is certainly very clear in summarizing his journey without being too brief.

Readers will not only be impressed and amazed by what this teenager has achieved amidst the difficulties, but also be highly touched by the countless sacrifices and brave moves done by Mahone’s family members. It may not teach readers any special life lessons, but the persistence demonstrated by Mahone in this book is definitely one important lesson on its own.

In general, Just How It Happened is a very satisfying biography for both die-hard fans of Austin Mahone and mere listeners of his music. It has captured many aspects of his tough and inspiring journey very detailedly.

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Hachette Book Group Canada in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.

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