Book Review: In Too Deep (The 39 Clues #6) by Jude Watson

Lydia Valadian April 21, 2014 0
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In Too Deep (The 39 Clues #6) by Jude WatsonHelen Keller once said that the best and most beautiful  things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. Well, who am I to disagree with that quote? Though, if it was up to me, I would add that they can be read, too – but then, what do I know? Still, when it comes to In Too Deep, the 6th book of the 39 Clues series that Jude Watson wrote, that statement is more than just true.

Now that Amy and Dan have a secret ally in the highest Lucian ranks, they might just make it out of this race for the 39 Clues alive – maybe even the winners of this crazy hunt around the world against all odds and their vicious relatives who are out for blood, their blood. Or will they? Not everything is how it’s supposed to be in the world the Cahill family lives in and rules, so why should their journey be any easier even with the extra help? Just when they think their luck has turned for the better, Isabel Kabra enters the game on Ian and Natalie’s side – and Mama Kabra may be the most dangerous foe they’ve faced yet. With even more people after them, and with a secret Amy has held for as long as she can remember that could very well break the two siblings apart, can the two orphans find out what their parents discovered before the fire that took their lives? And when all cards are on the table, can they trust in each other, or will the suspicious nature that they’ve developed from previous experiences be enough to cost them the only thing they have left – their strong bond and great team work?

I think it’s official that Jude Watson knows her way around writing a good book. One would think that her work on the 4th book of the series would be what we can very well call a fluke – but her brilliance in the 6th book proves how wrong one can be if they assume that. In Too Deep was one of those books that you can hardly put down. So much action and suspense, all packed in a fast paced part of the story. Because, this time around, having riddles to solve, clues to find, bloodthirsty and violent relatives to fend off, is not enough – Dan and Amy have to face their biggest fear, too. They have to learn to trust in each other, to stop keeping secrets in the pretense of protecting the other party. And they have to accept that the dreadful fire that stole away their happiness was not an accident but just one more proof of how far any Cahill will go to get to the 39 Clues before the others do. And all this, with Isabel Kabra breathing down their necks and Irina Spasky confusing the heck out of them by trying to help and save them.

Watson showed how easily she can keep the pace of a book up in Beyond the Grave. But she surpassed even that with the speed in In Too Deep that she established – I do believe she makes it even harder for those writers that write the books after the ones she has worked on even harder. Raises the standards so high it’s impossible to consider whatever comes next worthy after you’ve taken a taste of her writing voice and style. And she always knows just what info to dump on the reader to make them chew their nails off. She also knows how to play with the characters in just the way they need to in order to not only develop emotionally, to grow up, but to also show more sides to them – it’s like she’s taken it as her personal mission to make the Cahills more believable, more real, more humane. Character depth and development at its very best!

With Irina dead, with Nellie sounding like the perfect spy with every new detail they learn about her, and with Isabel now on the front row as the Kabra head in command, the next book is bound to start with a bang. So, yes, I do support my theory that the best things can also be read!

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