Book Review: In The Arms of The Wind By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

M Thomas June 20, 2013 3
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In The Arms of The Wind By Charlotte Boyett-CompoIn the Arms of the Wind by Charlotte Boyett Compo is the third book in the Wind Torn Series. This contemporary work of fiction opens up with Police Detective Barns and Danny Gallagher, our lead male character on the scene investigating a murder. Kaycee Connor is an innocent assistant antiquities dealer who was on a date with the deceased. She is the only witness to the murder and suddenly finds herself involved in the investigation.

Are They Right For Each Other?

Although Danny is at the crime scene investigating the murder, he couldn’t help but feel drawn to Kaycee. He had the urge to pull her into his arms to offer her comfort. There is a strong attraction that runs between Danny and Kaycee from the beginning. Because of the vulnerability he sensed in her personality, he is drawn to her and develops a protective nature towards her. On the surface, he has the right assets that will make a girl weak in the knees, but he is far from perfect. He is hiding a secret from Kaycee that may keep them apart. At first, she is unaware of his shady background. During the progression of their relationship, Kaycee realizes the truth about Danny. There is a strong romantic connection between them, but there are issues that will need to be resolved before they can move forward and live happily ever after.


In the Arms of the Wind by Charlotte Boyett Compo is a novel that will take readers on a dark journey. I’ve read several books authored by Ms. Compo, and I was very interested in purchasing this book. The story contains the right elements that made it easy to read. I can honestly say this is not a light or fluff read that will keep you bored until the end. Ms. Compo has a good talent for creating angst filled tales that draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat. While I was reading, I felt connected to Kaycee and understood how committed and willing she was to stand by her man, despite his faults of character. She feels that she can change him, and Danny is willing to leave his past behind to avoid the risk of losing her.

In the story, a sad incident happens to Danny and he needs Kaycee to help him overcome his trauma. This is the first book I’ve read where such an “incident” happens to the male character. The author writes realistic scenes of Danny’s suffering from the “incident” and the side effects he began to experience. Ms. Compo clearly did her research and did a good job writing about this subject. Throughout his ordeal, Kaycee is very supportive. I wished the author wrote more of this “issue” in the story. I wanted to read more of Danny’s healing. In The Arms Of The Wind is a good diversion from other books I’ve read. If you are in the mood for a dark, romantic tale get this book.

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  1. Nancy June 20, 2013 at 6:34 pm - Reply

    Awesome review!This book is a keeper. Kaycee is a young woman who was frail in the beginning and became a stronger person towards the end. The “incident” you’re referring to is VERY heartbreaking. The scene when Danny breaks down is so moving.

  2. Charlee Boyett-Compo August 25, 2013 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the great review. It could be possible that you’ll meet Kaycee and Danny again in the future. 😉

  3. M. Thomas September 21, 2013 at 12:09 am - Reply

    Hello Ms. Compo!

    Great novel! I look forward to reading more about these two characters!

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