Book Reviews

Have you written a book that you would like to be reviewed?  I would be happy to read your book and post a review of it on this website.  I am open to reading books in almost all genres however I will give a particular preference to the following:

  • Thrillers
  • Dystopias and Utopias
  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • True Life/Biographies
  • Humour

At the moment I cannot promise to review every copy that I receive however I will reply to all queries within 72 hours of receiving them.  I may also be able to pass on the details of another reviewer who would be happy to review your book for Read Dream Relax. If you do not hear from me within 72 hours please send me another email as it is likely I haven’t received it.  Ideally your book will be available in print, however I may also accept ebook copies so do contact me and ask – I won’t bite 🙂

Please note that I will be honest in my review so if you cannot take criticism please do not email me.  If I love your book, of course I will give it the praise it deserves.  All book reviews are shared via Facebook and a selection of other social media platforms.

In order to contact me with a review copy please email  You can read my current reviews here.

Promotional Articles/Competitions

If you are too scared to ask me to review your book (I hope not) or would just prefer to be more familiar with your audience, I would be happy to discuss promotional articles with you.  I am open to all ideas however please keep in mind that I do not want to alienate our readers so a simple press release is not going to be published on here.  Better ideas are interviews, question and answer type posts, biographies and creative articles.  We can also run competitions through our Facebook page if you have anything you would like to give away.  Shoot me an email with your ideas and I will contact you within 72 hours.

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