About Us

I started the website Read Dream Relax to review the books that I read and help others to decide whether the books are worthy of their time too.  I am an avid reader and read books from almost every genre you can think of.  Because I also work long hours as a writer and editor, I decided about a year ago to open up this website to other reviewers.  We now have around 30 bookworms who write reviews for Read Dream Relax.  I love reading about the books that they are devouring, and my Amazon wishlist is pretty much growing by the day thanks to them.  I hope that you find this website as useful as I have.  Please do come and talk to us over at our Facebook page – we are all friendly and love to hear what you think about our reviews.

All of the book reviews that we write are linked up to the Amazon websites (both in the UK and the US) to make purchasing a Kindle book easy.  I, Laura Ginn, do make a small percentage from every sale which is put towards the running of this site (which is currently hardly anything).  However, just because our reviews are linked up to Amazon this does not mean that we work for the website in any way and all of our reviews are completely our own and are not biased in any way, shape or form.

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